Thank you to all of those who made ISCA 2022 a success!
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Join us for the 2022 International Scientific Conference on Albinism!

ISCA is a unique scientific conference organized by the Global Albinism Alliance and shaped to be a global forum to improve the health of those with albinism. It builds on the momentum created by the EDA (European Days of Albinism) conference series, which has been held every two years since 2012.

ISCA 2022 is the first event of what, we envision, will become a long-lasting conference series.  We are creating a place where health care providers, researchers, albinism organization leaders, and individuals interested in albinism can meet, share ideas and experiences, and discuss strategies to advance the knowledge of albinism in order to tackle the health challenges faced by persons with albinism and their relatives in all regions of the world.

The Global Albinism Alliance believes in the power of being united in order to improve the quality of life of those with albinism in a holistic manner. That is why exchange and collaboration across all fields and with all stakeholders are at the heart of the ISCA conference.

ISCA 2022 will be held virtually on November 16th-19th, 2022. The live sessions will be scheduled in such a way that most of you will be able to join, regardless of your location.

The sessions will also be recorded and made accessible to registered participants during a certain period of time after the conference. These choices were motivated by the goal for the event to be as accessible as possible, regardless of your country, your time-zone, your budget or your personal schedule.

ISCA 2022 is being organized with the support of a Scientific Advisory Committee made up of 16 internationally renowned researchers and clinicians, all experts in albinism, and many of whom have been involved in the EDA conferences series since 2012.

The program will include one main live session per day, a poster session, a session for the layperson, a virtual cocktail session, and more. Numerous presentations are expected, addressing the many different areas of concern in albinism: ophthalmology, dermatology, genetics, cell biology, epidemiology, therapies. Oral presentations, as well as posters, will be selected through a call for abstracts and will enrich the list of invited speakers.

Please make sure to save the date and be online with us for ISCA 2022. We look forward to a very rich and informative conference!

The ISCA 2022 organizing committee