History of ISCA

The International Scientific Conference on Albinism – ISCA – was created by the Global Albinism Alliance (GAA) in 2022. It is the first component of a future GAA program dedicated to improving the health of persons with albinism around the world.

ISCA 2022 builds on the momentum created by the EDA (European Days of Albinism) conference series, which was held every two years from 2012-2020.The EDA conferences were traditionally co-organized by Albinism Europe (the network of European associations of persons with albinism) and one of the national albinism associations from Europe.

At the 5EDA in 2020, there was a significant increase in the number of participants, an increased number of non-European countries represented and an overall consensus that research on a rare health condition such as albinism is best addressed at the global level. It became clear at that point that the EDA conference series should no longer be just a European event. The decision was then made to move to an international conference and to have this new event be organized by the Global Albinism Alliance.

The EDA conference series was created in 2012 by Genespoir, the French association for persons with albinism, with the support of the following scientists:

  • Robert Aquaron, Marseille, France
  • Benoît Arveiler, Bordeaux, France
  • Glen Jeffery, London, UK
  • Barbara Käsmann-Kellner, Homburg, Germany
  • Lluis Montoliu, Madrid, Spain
  • Maria-Vittoria Schiaffino, Milan, Italy
  • Alain Taïeb, Bordeaux, France

List of EDA conferences (in reverse chronological order)

5th EDA Conference

November 4-7, 2020 – Virtual conference

Organizer: Genespoir

Final scientific program of the 5th EDA

5th EDA website

4th EDA Conference

March 7-10, 2018 – Hurdal, Norway

Local organizer: NFFA

Final scientific program of the 4th EDA

4th EDA website

3rd EDA Conference

April 7-8, 2016 – Milan, Italy

Local organizer: Albinit in collaboration with the Niguarda Ca’Granda Hospital

Final program of the 3rd EDA

3rd EDA website

2nd EDA Conference

April 5-6, 2014 – Valencia, Spain

Local organizer: ALBA

Final program

2nd EDA website

1st EDA Conference

October 27-28, 2012 – Paris, France

Local organizer: Genespoir

Final program